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Are Resolutions worth it?

Happy 2022! Can you even believe it?

I wanted to touch base and discuss resolutions. I usually attempt them, which never lasts. Mostly, I’ve focused on weight loss goals or healthy eating goals. All of which fall apart within the first month of the year. This is such a negative, not because I fail, so to speak, but because then I punish myself for it. Anyone relate?

While I desperately need to lose weight (thanks Covid lockdowns 🤪), this year my focus is my health, my mental health that is. After a grueling year of severe panic attacks and anxiety, I’m desperately trying to pick up the pieces. My medicine has absolutely helped, but there’s some underlying issues I need to work on. I’ve started this year with getting a therapist. For my other special needs parents out there, you may understand how difficult that is. With a military spouse and a child very strict with routines, the idea of some weekly appointments seems impossible to me.

Sound familiar? If so, keep reading. I decided to do some research. It’s 2022, luckily. Therefore, I found the number one rated texting therapy program through Talkspace. No this is not an ad, and I’m not praising it yet, it’s still very new to me. However, this particular had the best reviews for texting and messaging. There are other apps and programs out there as well, such as Betterhealth. I’ll keep y’all updated on how I like it, but basically I had a live meeting with my therapist to establish what I need to work on. Then, I can message her as much as I want. She will reply on her days working, 5 days a week. And I can book live sessions for additional costs if need be.

If the past 2 years have put you behind on mental health, or you just need someone to talk to, there are options. If you feel you may need medication for your mental health, but can’t bring yourself to go to the doctor, I use K health and have for the past 2 years. Absolutely recommend.

The beautiful thing about technology advancing is now we can get mental health help in the palm of our hands. Don’t make yourself suffer. And if you’re making any kind of resolutions this year, make them out of kindness for yourself. Allow yourself to fail. Give yourself grace. And if it’s a goal you do not want to fail at, it’s never too late to start over. Every day is a new beginning.

Sending all of us love and positive vibes as we start this year. Cheers to a good one! 🥂


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