• Erica Livingston

Dear Simone Biles

Dear Simone,

You don’t know me and probably never will. However, I felt the need to write you a letter to explain to you how amazing and inspiring you are. I’ve been a fan as long as I’ve heard your name, but the respect I have for you is untouched. By acknowledging your mental health struggles and taking care of yourself, you are setting the tone for so many to come after you. So many children watched you take care of yourself and your teammates by removing yourself from an incredibly hard situation. While I cannot imagine the pressure you feel as the GOAT, I can sympathize with mental health struggles. By putting your mental health first, you have done so much good for yourself and the next generation of children and athletes. If I were a child watching you, maybe I would have been more confident speaking and acknowledging my own mental limits.

Whether you compete at the Olympics or not, you are a winner. You are a hero. America is so proud of you, not that you ever need anyone’s validation. You have a beautiful heart and soul and it’s been such a pleasure to see you cheer on your teammates while you took care of yourself.

Thank you for being vulnerable for the world to see. The mental health community needs more people like you.

<3 Erica

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