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Finding Solutions

Hey y’all!

One struggle we deal with with Davids autism is his struggle with holding hands, so he has to ride in his stroller when we leave the house. I’m trying to get healthier, so taking walks lately, and David loves them. However, he sometimes wants to walk with me or run, which is a nightmare. He will slip out of his stroller and take off. This left me feeling scared to take him anywhere alone because he is so fast.

When an autistic child gets fixated on something, the outside world around them stops existing. Therefore, calling out for him to stop doesn’t always work. When we are walking along side the road, I can’t settle for something that only works sometimes. So I’ve been trying to find a solution.

I’ve tried the wrist straps and backpack “leashes” to no avail. I took a chance on this harness and it worked! He took off and ran wild for over half an hour. It was so sweet to see ❤️

I got it from Amazon: Blisstime 2 in 1 Toddler Leash -Anti Lost Wrist Link for Toddlers -Toddler Harness,Baby Leash,Leash for Toddlers,Wrist Leashes,Child Leashes for Toddlers,Not Easy to Open Without Key

Just wanted to share in case it can help ease one momma’s fears!! This is not sponsored in anyway.

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