• Erica Livingston

Give your child time

Hey my special needs parents!

I wanted to share some updates on David. The purpose of this post is how every kid, especially our special needs kiddos, are on their own timeline. Obviously my child doesn’t have the same skills other 4 year olds have. That’s okay! But he is hitting these milestones in his own time.

Since we have moved and stopped therapy, David has thrived. And no, I’m not telling you to stop your child’s therapy! This is just what works for us. David has learned imitation skills, better listening skills, how to wait more, and how to eat in a better manner. He has always struggled with foods. He’s never grasped the idea of taking a bite out of something until very recently.

How did I do it? I didn’t. He did. He just chose to be ready. His brain said, okay let’s get these new skills! I’m so in awe of him daily. He just wakes up with new skills and blows all of us away!

I wanted to get up here and share because never feel bad that your child isn’t hitting milestones “on time” because your child will hit their milestones on THEIR time, which is all that matters!

Stay cool out there. In SC we are roasting! 😂

🖤 Erica

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