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Imposter Syndrome, Who Else?

When I mentioned starting this blog to David’s therapist, I told her I didn’t know if I really should or not. You see, I don’t feel qualified to tell someone what to do, even though I’m really only sharing my own experiences. I never really feel good enough. She told me I had imposter syndrome and it really hit the nail on the head for me.

Imposter syndrome, or phenomenon, is typically defined as individuals doubting their skills, talents, or accomplishments, wondering if they really deserve them. They feel like a fraud, regardless of what they have achieved. This is definitely a problem with myself and many women particularly.

No hate to my men out there, but I know so many men who are overly confident that they deserve all the success and awards in the world. it’s quite infuriating to see how confident some of them can be, when I can do everything to get qualified and still feel like a complete fraud. I know I’m not alone in this. Who else deals with this?

But guess what ladies, we are enough. We are allowed to be confident in our abilities. Not only am I a mother to an autistic son, I am also studying it on a professional level. I have certifications in several different special needs teaching techniques and graduated with my Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology with straight A‘s. The problem is that when I write this, I feel like I am bragging. I feel like I have no right to share my opinions or advice because there are more qualified people out there than me. While that is true, my voice is still valid. Your voice is still valid.

Ladies, let’s stop hiding behind imposter syndrome and find our voices. We deserve to take up space. We deserve to be heard. We deserve to be respected. Let’s start demanding it and kick some ass.


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