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Hey y’all!

I’m writing this because I am STRESSED. David is 4 and starts kindergarten next year. I’m trying to be proactive and figure out what that is going to look like. We don’t want him in full time in person kindergarten. He shuts down when he is put under too many requirements and stressors. This is why he has thrived and hit so many milestones after STOPPING therapies.

We are a military family and quite frankly, we don’t know what school district we will be living in, let alone which state. This definitely makes it more difficult. Instead of giving advice on this post, I’m here to ask my fellow special needs parents, what do you do??

Did you find that homeschool worked best? Does your child’s school have a hybrid program (which is my ideal solution personally 😜)?? Or did you homeschool? We know full time public school kindergarten is out of the question for him. Also, parents that do homeschool, do you use a co-op or tutor or anything? I feel like I’ll need help teaching David.

I always knew a child starting school would be stressful, but a special needs military child starting school has presented so many issues I could have never imagined. I wonder if there’s a way to work into an IEP to do half days or something 🤨

If anyone knows or has advice, please share. This momma is STRESSING!!

I’ll be back with updates and what I figure out!


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