• Erica Livingston

Moving part II

Hey y’all!

Sorry it’s been a while, moving out of state with a toddler is not for the faint of heart. But I do have an update. I definitely think the tips in my last post helped tremendously during this move with David. He has handled it amazingly. We are having troubles with sleep, but I actually don’t think that’s fully move related because he’s always had similar issues, just not this often.

I’ve learned that to move with a special needs child, you need to give yourself grace. Forgive yourself when you have a short temper. Forgive your child/children when they make you lose that temper 😂. And forgive your partner for whatever they do to irritate you during the process, because let’s get real, it’ll happen! 😅

None of us are perfect, and the move was very stressful. However, we survived and we are settled. Go to my part one to see some tips I believe helped prepare David for this move and let me know what ya think!


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