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New year new you?

Hey y'all!

I've posted about resolutions before, but felt the need to do so again. As you may have known, I've been on a health journey all of 2022. Many of us go into a new year with a weight loss or exercise goal. It wasn't my resolution last year, I don't usually make resolutions. Instead, I just woke up so unhappy I knew I had to make a change.

That's actually why I'm writing this. I want each of you to succeed at your goals, no matter what they are. In order to make long term changes, you have to make long term changes. I've lost 90 lbs this year and am very close to my goal weight. What happens when I hit it? Nothing. Nothing changes. I have to keep eating whole, clean foods and being active. I can't go back to eating like I was beforehand, or I'll end up needing to restart. This philosophy applies to everything in life, not just weight. You can't temporarily make new habits just to fall into old habits if you want actual change. We all know change can be super uncomfortable. However, how much life are you living if you never push yourself out of your comfort zone.

So my advice is if you want to change your life, get out of your own way and break out of your own comfort zone. Again, this is not just about weight loss but every aspect of life. I got myself out of my comfort zone in many ways. I now take David around more children (which is a huge anxiety source for me, special needs mamas feel me!), I take him in stores alone even though I know he will probably scream at some point. I've started pushing my own limits and found that I am capable of living a much more fulfilling life than I was living.

Hope this helps someone 🖤

Happy 2023!

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