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The Explosive Child

Hey y’all,

In my last post I mentioned we’d had a tough time lately. Luckily, I believe that has passed. However, it did lead to me looking for solutions to avoid these problems in the future. I decided to read Dr. Greene’s The Explosive Child.

I had seen this book mentioned time and time again in autism groups, particularly anti ABA groups. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. After reading the book, I have to say, I loved it. It’s about how to stop with the punishment/reward system, and how to identify problems and come up with solutions while working WITH your child. Our children are far more advanced mentally than we usually give them credit for. Usually, a problem behavior is a communication tool for something greater is going on, but it can be hard to see that in the moment.

I would highly recommend all parents to read this book, not just special needs parents. I’ll absolutely be trying his methods. Also, I love how there’s even advice for our nonverbal kiddos as well!

If you check it out, let me know!

🖤 Erica

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