• Erica Livingston

Vulnerability and Parental Guilt

Hey y’all!

I have wanted this blog to be a safe place for not only myself, but other parents as well. So this is a very vulnerable post for me, but I know others can relate. We signed David up for a little camp type thing for the next few weeks. His first evening was yesterday. Now I very rarely get down about his differences. I’ve always felt that he is perfect the way he is, and I still do feel that way. However, seeing my child tower over all of the other kids, yet be so mentally “younger” than them honestly was harder than I expected. While all of the other kids handled circle time and were able to play together, mine did his own thing and refused to cooperate with anyone. I love my son so much, but sometimes it does hurt to see how different he truly is. As I said before, I do not want to change him. I have no desire for my child to be “normal”. However, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit how hard that is some days.

Just wanted to share my incredibly vulnerable thoughts. Hope this helps some parent feel less alone or less guilty for these feelings.

🖤 Erica

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